Faraday Copper Tape Wallpaper Silver Color

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Technical Data

Surface resistance : below 0.05 ohm
Material: copper+nickel+polyester
Type: plain tape
Shielding: RF & LF Electromagnetic fields
Frequency range: 30MHz to 18GHz
Damping (dB): 95-65 dB
Color: silver
Fabric width: 43" inch (108cm)
Size: If you order more than 1 quantities and need continuous length please indicate this in Seller Notes.It is great copper tape enjoyed by many people. Bulk orders will get big discounts.
Remark:1 meter will be sent by folded size normally.


-Durable ( much thicker and more durable than other shielding fabrics )
-Anti-radiation(RF/EMI/EMF/LF blocking and earthing) mildrew proof, bacterial proof
-Usable on wall
-Replaces standard reinforcement fabric to save costs
-Very easy to cut and sew and peel
-This Creates a Conductive Grid That Corresponds to the Idea of a Faraday Cage.

Shipment: Worldwide. If you need swatch samples or check shipping cost or any other questions please feel free to contact us.