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Are you suffering from “Dirty Electricity” and “electromagnetic smog” ? Publication saying it is the reason for many diseases of civilization such as
cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, it affects us much more than the changes in our lifestyle. Human exposure to EMF is not a new problem.
However, the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage in the 20th century coupled with the development of electronics, IT,
telecommunication, and satellite navigation as well as diagnostic and industrial devices brought us not only to analyze civilization’s hazards but also
to invent methods to screen electromagnetic radiation.

Amradield is your source for all top quality personal and commercial products for WIFI & Cell Phone Radiation Protection, electromagnetic radiation
protection, RF & Smart Meter Shielding and EMF mitigation products. Our products are designed to shield and protect the human body from common
EMF sources found in offices, apartments, homes and commercial facilities.

Amradield is the final supplier offering a unique range of health and smart products to personal buyer and wholesalers on customized single product or bulk
containers orders and can be labeling by adhesive labels in plastic pockets, woven labels sewn onto exterior fabric, screen-printing applied to exterior materials,
printed cards and booklets and vinyl heart transfers.

Any assistance please contact us at info@amradield.com .We will respond within 24 hours and in most cases much faster.