Faraday Copper Tape Magnetic Conductive Electrode Tape Fabric, RF/EMI/EMF Shield

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Material: Copper+Nickel
Size:2"inch widex11 yards long
EMI shielding
Seal your electrical enclosure or faraday cage
Join two pieces of Faraday Fabric, conductive foils, or sheets together
Extremely high-shielding conductive adhesive tape
Durable - will not rip or tear without strong force
Can be used to patch or repair a punctured faraday bag
Mildew proof, bacteria proof

Shipment: worldwide
If you want customized on bulk orders for discounts please tell us.


Highly Conductive
Low Resistance
Indoor & Outdoor Use
Water Resistant
Strong Conductive Adhesive
Easy Peel Backing
EMI Shielding
Soldering Safe


It plays a key role in reducing annoying electrical interference and making your tone perfect. It's a much better solution than graphite and aluminium tape.

Low resistance adhesive and an easy peel waxed paper backing makes our tape the best on the market.Cooper tape as Crafts for kids ages, It is the best choice for safety and fun .

ADHESIVE TAPE WITH GOOD FLEXIBILITY - The dual conductive tape can be twisted, bent, tore easily, enable you to use them by hand, no need to apply with other tool, one fit most of cables.
Easy to shape and mould with a strong adhesive it sticks to almost any clean surface.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE —— INCLUDED 1 Roll of conductive tape, 2 inch wide, 11 yards long per Roll. We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
Just let us know within 30 days after you get the goods and we'll arrange for a replacement or a refund.