Aluminum Tape/Aluminum Foil Tape -2 inch Wide x 164 feet Long (Thickness 3.4 mil),Perfect for HVAC, Duct, Pipe, Insulation,Metal Repair

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Size: 2 inch wide x 164 feet long (thickness 3.4 mil) , if you need other size on the width, length and thickness ,please contact us.
-Withstands temperatures from -30°C to 180°C.
-Has a tensile strength of 30 pounds per square inch.
-Does not stain and does not leave a sticky residue behind.
-Lasts on a long term basis.
-High coefficient of heat transfer allows it to be an excellent thermal insulator.
-Adheres to rough, smooth, textured and uneven surfaces.
-Can be used for general HVAC and ducting repairs and sealing.
-Meets UL 273 standards for thermal and ducting repairs.