EMF Radiation Protection Scarf-High Shielding Efficiency, Unisex. Multiple Ways

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Advanced Shielding Material: 45% polyester+55% silver fiber material, washable,light and soft and healthy to body in different colors.size 90x145cm.

Light weight: The scarf is composed of the perfect fabric blend that makes it a super soft and lightweight material, breathable and skin-friendly without discomfort.

Multi Colors Available: The scarf is designed to be casual, simple and classic. The color is low-profile and goes well with all kinds of outfits and activities: great for spring, summer and autumn.

Multi-functional - This unique scarf can be worn as a head scarf, neck scarf, hair scarf, shawl, hair band, etc.

Test: Use an EMF meter to compare RF/microwave levels inside and outside the scarf. It cannot block EMF but can reduce it.

All Features:

Advanced shielding technology blocks 99% of wireless EMF radiation, including 5G Wireless (300Hz-10 GHz)
Multi-functional and multi-purpose design
Woven with polyester and silver fiber material
Use over the head, around the neck/chest/torso, or around reproductive organs
Silver-fiber fabric is breathable and resistant to odor
Different colors to match your style!

Wrap Options:
1.Wrap the scarf around your head.
2.Wrap the scarf around your neck.
3.Wrap the scarf around your chest and torso.
4.Wrap the scarf over your belly and lap if pregnant.