EMF Protection Radiation Reducing Mosquito Netting Dome Canopy-Silver Fiber Mesh

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Conductive Mosquito Net Canopy Earthing Electromagnetic Shielding Faraday Dome

Features: Anti-virus, Anti-radiation, anti-static, anti-bacterial,Protect the human body from electromagnetic radiation interference, improve the quality of sleep

Size: 120x78x75 cm for baby , 230x50x800cm , 250x60x1200cm for adult bed
Shielding: RF & LF electric fields        
Frequency range: 100MHz to 5GHz
Damping (dB): >30dB     
Material:100% silver fiber
Color: silver
Ohm:≤ 1

Shipment: Worldwide
If you need fabric to OEM or check the shipping cost or need other type samples pls kindly tell us.Thanks !