Therapy EMF Grounding Mats Conductive Carbon Leatherette Pad for Better Sleep

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Size:  27 x71 inch or 54 x 71 inch
Color: Black 
Material: Conductive Carbon Leatherette
Set Includes:

1 * 27''x71''grounding mat
1 * bracelet
2 * earthing wire
1 * guider

How to use?

Please make sure the leather-like side goes up and the cotton side goes down when you sleep on it. The more your bare skin comes in contact with the mat directly, the quicker you will be grounded and the more benefit you receive. If you can be comfortable laying directly on the mat, then that's what you do. But if you do choose to place your Ground Therapy Sleep Mat under your sheet, just make sure your sheet is made of 100% natural fibers. Choose a fabric that's as thin as possible for more conductivity. Good choices are 100% linen, silk, cotton, or bamboo.


Treat snore;
Relieve pain;
Relieve pressure;
Regulate hormone;
Improve quality of sleep;
Reduce electrosensitivity;
Improve blood circulation;