Earthing Grounding Antistatic Cloth Metallic Cotton Blended Fabric-Stainless Steel Yarn Durable and Thick

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Technical Data

Color: Black/Pink/Blue/Navy/Purple



Fabric Width:150cm

This fabric is good to make any earthing and grounding sheets or clothing as washable and durable and safe

Size:39"x59" inch (100x150cm). Each piece is 59" inch wide sold by 39"(each meter) inch long. If you order more than 1 quantities and need continuous length please indicate this in Seller Notes or we will send each piece by 39"x59" inch.

Feature: Very easy to cut and sew .No metal plating, No nano metal & heavy metal pollution), This product does not shield magnetic field. It does not block all the frequency bands of the phone but reduces the signal.(Recommendation) If you have metal allergies, don't use earthing therapy products.

Fabric care:1.Washing at gentle cycle & Use neutral detergen 2.Don't wash it often 3.Don't use much detergent,Softner 4..No dryers, No bleaching, No chemical dry-cleaning