Radiation Shielding Curtains, Barrier Against Radio Frequencies and EMF Exposure

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Technical Data:

Surface resistance : below 0.05 ohm
Material: copper fabric+linen cotton
Shielding: RF & LF Electromagnetic fields
Frequency range: 10MHz to 50GHz
Damping (dB): 65-85dB
Color: beige

This can reduce EMF and RF but not complete block.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CURTAINS - Combines EMF radiation shielding technology with blackout capabilities. Use as a barrier between the inside of your house and harmful EMF exposure coming from cell phone towers, smart meters, and other outside sources. Additional benefits include reduced light and noise, as well as increased privacy and energy savings.
  • CERTIFIED SHIELDING - Radio frequency shielding technology tested and certified. Built with two layers, which blocks signals with an average attenuation of 65dB-85dB from 10MHz-50GHz.
  • BLACKOUT FABRIC - Blocks sunlight and UV rays, plus balances room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. Protects furniture, floor, and artwork from sun exposure.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - 100% polyester top fabric layer is soft to touch and easy to care for. Includes metal grommets along the top rim for easy installation. 1.65-inch inner grommet diameter fits all standard curtain rods. Hang in your window, doorway, bed canopy, or desired location.
  • 1 PANEL INCLUDED - Individual panel dimensions: 83.5-inch length x 52-inch width (213cm x 132cm).  

  • Shipment: Worldwide. If you need swatch samples or check shipping cost or any other questions please feel free to contact us.