EMF and RF Protection Faraday Defense Silver Fabric Shielding 2 Curtain Panels

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Technical Data:

Surface resistance : below 1 ohm
Material: 100% silver fiber
Type: knitting mesh
Shielding: RF & LF Electromagnetic fields
Frequency range: 30MHz to 30GHz
Damping (dB): 25-45dB
Color: silver
Includes: 2 curtain panels + 2 pieces of curtain tassels +1 emf protection mat (70x90cm) +1 cord

This can reduce EMF and RF but not complete block.

-Washable (Better not wash too often and hands washable in pure cold water . No bleach)
-Soft and Stretch
-Very light
-Permeable to air, foldable
-Anti-radiation(RF/EMI/EMF/LF blocking and earthing)
-All natural ( without chemicals )
-Antiseptic ( reduces bacteria, smell, etc )
-Thermodynamic ( regulates temperature )
-Permanent ( lasts for the life of the product )
-Good and healthy to body
-This Creates a Conductive Grid That Corresponds to the Idea of a Faraday Cage. 

Shipment: Worldwide. If you need swatch samples or check shipping cost or any other questions please feel free to contact us.