WiFi Router Cover EMF Radiation Protection Shielding RF Cover Guard Blocking 5G

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  • 1.[SIZE]:  13.8" (W)x15.7"(H). Customized is accepted.
  • 2.[PROTECTS FROM HARMFUL RADIATION]: WiFi Router is one of the most powerful Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation emitting devices we have in our home. The Wi-Fi Router Cover is designed to block about 90%-95% of electromagnetic field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by routers all day long. While you still have plenty of WiFi signal out.
  • 3.[EMF PROTECTION MATERIAL]: Our WiFi Router Cover is made of breathable fabric that allows a natural air flow for cooling, dissipating heat quickly. The Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation emitted by WiFi Routers and other WiFi devices, cannot travel through this well conductive fabric. Just tuck around the entire router for the greatest amount of reduction of radiation, or if you want more radiation/stronger signal to leak through, you may only partially place onto the router antennas.
  • 4.[EASY INATALLATION]: Measure the size of your own WiFi router, and choose a suitable guard to keep your family’s healthy. Just place it over your modem or router and it will greatly reduce harmful EMF/RF Radiation exposure! At the same time, your modem/router will still continue to function perfectly.
  • 5.100% SATISFACTION: This EMF Shielding Cover is proved to reduce EMF and RF radiation. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full money-back refund. And any questions about the product, just send us email and we will spare no efforts to solve it.
Features of EMF Blocking WiFi Router Cover:

13.8" (W)x15.7"(H). Before purchasing, please measure the size of your own WiFi router, though it suits for both Wifi routers with or without antenna and for most types of routers in the markets.

Router Cover is made of EMF protection fabric to reduce harm of EMF and RF radiation from WiFi router, breathable for cooling.

Easy Installation: Just cover your WiFi Router with the antenna with the Router Cover, it will greatly reduce harmful EMF/RF Radiation exposure.

Suits for:

1. Pregnant women, children, the old man, patients who are surrounded by WiFi router.

2. People who use laptop, iPad, mobile phones, electronic devices often.