Anti-Radiation Blanket Protective 5G EMF Belly Pregnancy Baby New Born Blanket

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Material: 100% Organic cotton fabric+silver fiber
Color: beige
Size:30X35 inches
Efficacy: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness Made with 100% Pure Silver, Protect your baby from everyday radiation with Conscious Ideas BabyShield Blanket
Wash and care: Machine washing, Use cold water. Air dry. Do not use bleach.  

High Electrically conductive silver fabric which neutralizes incoming electromagnetic Radiation (precisely non ionizing waves) from passing through textile by canceling the existing radiation and reducing your exposure. 99.9% shielding effectiveness from day to day radiation ranging in (10 MHz to 8 GHz) with 80dB attenuation test result. To put radiation frequency into perspective Wi-Fi uses two bands at higher frequencies 2.4 and (5 GHz also known as 5G) Cellular phones use many different frequencies from 800MHZ to 1900MHz and others. For example, a cell phone at 800MHZ is equal to 0.8 GHZ so 1000 MHz (Mega Hertz) equals to 1 GHz (Gigahertz).  

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