EMF EMI Protection Headgear Scarf Blocking Radiation Wifi 4 way Stretch Bandana

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EMF EMI Protection Headgear Scarf is multifunctional high elastic scarf be used as a scarf / headband, etc that protects from Wi-Fi modems, Bluetooth devices in homes and cars, smart meters, signal towers, microwave ovens, cordless phones and low-power generated high-frequency / RF EMF wire electric boxes Magnetic fields generated by sources such as household appliances and high-power transmission lines. At the same time, block the RF EMF signal tower-smart meters-WIFI


-Washable (Better not wash too often and hands washable in pure cold water . No bleach)
-Soft and Stretch
-Very light
-Permeable to air, foldable
-Anti-radiation(RF/EMI/EMF/LF blocking and earthing)
-All natural ( without chemicals )
-Antiseptic ( reduces bacteria, smell, etc )
-Thermodynamic ( regulates temperature )
-Permanent ( lasts for the life of the product )
-Good and healthy to body

  • 4 way stretch silver fiber fabric emf protection
  • It can provide 99% high and low RF / EMF radiation attenuation in the range of 10MHz to 30GHz, reaching 85 db
  • Raw materials: 75% spandex, 25% silver, non-deformable, soft, breathable, light-resistant; very suitable for outdoor activities in four seasons, such as skiing, camping, hiking, travel, etc. Suitable for men and women
  • Size: 9.4x19.7 inch when put flat ( it is much larger than others and it is 4 way stretch)
  • Color: grey
  • Provide 360-degree full coverage to your entire top
  • Washing at room temperature, no machine washing, hand washing alone, dry in a cool place to avoid deformation after drying.